Spend less time finding
quality care.

Gotcare provides a personalized home care experience for Canadians, empowering them to select their care worker and determine the care schedule.

Through our technology-enabled platform, we’re able to provide Occupa- tional Therapists, Nurses, Adjusters, Case Managers, Legal Assistants, and their clients with better access to care, at an hourly rate that is 20-30% less than traditional home care delivery models.

Our Pricing

Home Care
Rehab Support

$27.50 - $29.50/hr
(Determined based on location, quantum, and complexity of care)

Rehab Support


Travel fees after 10 kms: $0.55 per km, one way or +$2.00 per hour

What's Included

  • Access to local care worker options for your client
  • Designated Care Expert who can answer any of your questions
  • Management of your care budget in real-time through our mobile technology

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Curious how many hours of care you could get with Gotcare?

Simply use our calculator to find out!

Curious how many hours of care you could get with Gotcare? Simply use our calculator below:

With the same budget, you could get more hours of care per month
by using Gotcare. That's hours per year!

Gotcare is a wonderful service. I used to spend my entire day trying to find care workers.

— Virginia M.
Occupational Therapist, Ottawa

I had no idea where to start. Gotcare found the care our family needed…now I can get back to my life.

— Paul J.
Client, Toronto

Gotcare’s fees are lower than others which allows allocated monies to go further. They give my client the choice of who is invited into their home.

— Cindy P.
Adjuster, Markham

Is Gotcare right for my client?

If a potential client does not meet the following requirements, traditional home care may be a more suitable option for them.

Typically, 80% of all potential clients are good candidates for Gotcare. A client who is best suited for Gotcare is typically someone who:

Is cognitively intact or has a family member willing to help
Is not in an emergency situation
Has the time to work through the process (typically 2-3 days)
Values autonomy and choosing their own care worker
Is looking for more modern ways of accessing care

Got Questions?

We’ve got answers. If you don’t see your answer here, please contact us.

  • What is self-directed care?

    Self-directed home care is an emerging trend in the world of health care in which certain patients or their proxy decision maker can choose their own care worker and determine how, what and when they receive that care.

  • What is your minimum shift?

    At Gotcare, we believe in the importance of making home care a viable career for care workers. As a result, we require a minimum of 2 hours per shift.

  • What is the difference between a caregiver and a care worker?

    A caregiver is a family member or a friend that provides care to a loved one at no charge. A care worker is someone who provides care for a fee. A care worker might have specialized training and could include a Personal Support Worker (PSW), Health Care Aide (HCA), Registered Nurse (RN) or may even be a next door neighbour with no formal training in the area of caregiving, but has a caring spirit and has capacity to offer his/her community.

  • Are care workers in your network vetted or supervised?

    Care workers on Gotcare’s platform have self reported their credentials. Gotcare provides no vetting, training or supervision. It is up to the user of the Gotcare service to request any and all information from the care worker before making an informed decision to work with them.