Care during

Beyond your standard attendant care tasks, care during COVID-19 can look like:

Dropping off groceries on behalf of the client

Preparing meals and delivering them to client’s door

Picking up and dropping off laundry at regular intervals

Child care support

Example: assistance with home schooling

Pet care support

Example: walking the dog

Daily prompts via SMS or phone calls

Example: taking a shower or taking medication

Virtual planning and sequencing via video or phone calls

Example: making a meal or dressing

Mental wellbeing check-ins via SMS or phone calls

Protecting clients and care workers.

Daily COVID-19

Both care workers and clients answer questions about symptoms and exposure before the beginning of each visit.

Personal Protective

Care workers are required to wear a face mask at each visit. They’re also provided an hourly stipend for the routine purchase of protective equipment and materials.

Strict Hygiene Protocol

Care workers follow strict hygiene
standards. They must wash their hands and wipe down relevant surfaces at the beginning of each visit.

Exposure Protocol screener

All care workers that have had exposure to long-term care facilities or retirement homes in the past 30 days must self-quarantine for 14 days before they can attend any visits.

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