Providing better access to
affordable home care.

Gotcare provides a personalized home care experience for Canadians, empowering them to
select their care worker and determine the care schedule. We aim to provide a best-in-class
experience for Occupational Therapists, Nurses, Adjusters, Case Managers, and Legal
Assistants looking for care for their clients.

We have thousands of care workers in our network, including personal support workers and
rehab support workers. Simply submit a care request, and within 24 hours, we'll send you a
shortlist of available care workers for your client to choose from.

Does your client want to choose their own care worker?

We have access to thousands of local care workers.

To get started, send us your care request.
Within 24 hours, Gotcare provides you with a shortlist of available care
workers in your client’s neighbourhood.

Finally, your client can direct their own care.

Gotcare enables you to determine when you
would like to receive your care.

We believe in empowering clients to make decisions based on their
lifestyle, personal preferences, beliefs, and individual abilities.

We’re here to help you
manage your budget.

Our team will help you stay within budget.

All of our care workers track each care appointment with our mobile
application. You’ll receive alerts once your client is close to your
monthly approved amount - that way, there’s no surprises.

A Future that Cares for Everyone

With the demand for home care on the rise, it's time to modernize
how home care is delivered. It's our mission to make home care a
viable career for frontline workers and find operational efficiencies.
As a result, we're reducing the cost of care and reducing stress on
clients and their families.

We've Gotcare

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  • Oakville
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  • Toronto
  • York
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Request a Care Worker

To submit your care request, please fill out the form below. Within 24 hours, we'll send you a shortlist of available care workers for your client to choose from.


Laundry, Meal Prep, Housekeeping


Bathing, Dressing


Outings, Activities


Grocery shopping, Appointments


Direct Therapy, Community Integration


Have something in mind that you don't see?

Gotcare is a wonderful service. I used to spend my entire day trying to find care workers.

— Virginia M.
Occupational Therapist, Ottawa

I had no idea where to start. Gotcare found the care our family needed…now I can get back to my life.

— Paul J.
Client, Toronto

Gotcare’s fees are lower than others which allows allocated monies to go further. They give my client the choice of who is invited into their home.

— Cindy P.
Adjuster, Markham

Is Gotcare right for my client?

If a potential client does not meet the following requirements, traditional home care may be a more suitable option for them.

Typically, 80% of all potential clients are good candidates for Gotcare. A client who is best suited for Gotcare is typically someone who:

Is cognitively intact or has a family member willing to help
Is not in an emergency situation
Has the time to work through the process (typically 2-3 days)
Values autonomy and choosing their own care worker
Is looking for more modern ways of accessing care

Got Questions?

We’ve got answers. If you don’t see your answer here, please call us at +1 (888) 819-1244 or send us an email at

  • What is self-directed care?

    Self-directed home care is an emerging trend in the world of health care in which certain patients or their proxy decision maker can choose their own care worker and determine how, what and when they receive that care.

  • What is your minimum shift?

    At Gotcare, we believe in the importance of making home care a viable career for care workers. As a result, we require a minimum of 2 hours per shift.

  • What is the difference between a caregiver and a care worker?

    A caregiver is a family member or a friend that provides care to a loved one at no charge. A care worker is someone who provides care for a fee. A care worker might have specialized training and could include a Personal Support Worker (PSW), Health Care Aide (HCA), Registered Nurse (RN) or may even be a next door neighbour with no formal training in the area of caregiving, but has a caring spirit and has capacity to offer his/her community.

  • Are care workers in your network vetted or supervised?

    Gotcare shortlists the best support workers based on the information from the care request. Clients are responsible for reviewing the criminal record check provided, verifying information provided by, and selecting the support worker that they want to work with. Our team also electronically verifies each visit to ensure client and support worker safety.